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Embed Components in PCBs

Active components can be embedded directly into PCB´s

Shipco has researching and refining embedding of active electronic components directly into the PCB layers.

The  simplest example is a SMT chip embedded in a multi-layer.

The connections to the chip is then made by means of through holes through standard SMT leads, or laser via’s to the component leads.

The component connection is then made chemically, followed by electroplating which means solder free assembly.

Lower capacitance’s due to shorter routing when dies are used and possibility to shield sensitive circuits totally are some of many advantages.

Well tested and in-circuit fully protected components must be used for obvious reasons.

Several patents have been granted to Shipco, and we exclusively produce PCBs using this technology.

Use our quote request, and we can explore how this technology   welcome to ask us questions as we started testing the technology and embedded SMT chips in PCBs already 2002.

Here are build samples and micro sections from  production done in Ireland.

Flip chip connected to micro-vias

Flip chip connected to staggered micro-vias

Both flip chip and other component built in

Micro section from produced Board

Trough Hole Connections

Trough Hole Connection with blind Hole Cooling